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JXHTMLEDIT is a free Open Source browser-based HTML/XHTML content authoring tool based on the Java 2 Platform that allows WYSIWYG editing on multiple platforms (require the Sun JavaTM Plug-in 1.4 or higher installed on client).

JXHTMLEDIT screenshotJava Powered Logo JXHTMLEdit is a cross-platform WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML/XHTML content authoring tool, a very small Java Applet based on the Java 2 Platform. JXHTMLEdit provides word processor-like user interface that allows users to edit the XHTML document directly in the final form (as will be rendered). This empower non-technical users to become content contributors without any knowledge of HTML or XHTML.

Specifically designed and optimized to edit only the <body> portion of HTML/XHTML page, JXHTMLEdit outputs to your choice HTML or well-formed XHTML.
JXHTMLEDIT preloads the HTML/XHTML content during startup from a specified html form field (e.g.: <textarea>) where it also saves the generated code.

JXHTMLEdit has been designed to offer great flexibility and could be used to easily integrate WYSIWYG authoring functionality into existing websites, CMS, WMS or any other Web-based software. The Applet JAR archive is less than 150 KB and it's cacheable, so it loads very quickly.

Main Features

This release introduces a large number of features and improvements respect the previous version.
  • platform independent, works on most Operating Systems available today
  • browser-based and cross-browser Java Applet, works fine with any Javascript-enabled internet browser that support Sun JavaTM Plug-in 1.4 or higher
  • two different jar versions are available:
    • signed (jxhtmledit.jar) : to support cut-and-paste to and from system clipboard;
    • unsigned (jxhtmledit_u.jar) : support only local clipboard;
  • applet jar is less than 150 KB, loads quickly
  • WYSIWYG and source code editing (the source editor pane may be disabled)
  • partial support for stylesheet CSS1
  • support custom tags
  • customizable charset encoding, support international character sets and html entities (require appropriate OS/browsers)
  • output HTML or well-formed XHTML to your choice
  • support XHTML indentation (to increase readability) or compact mode (to reduce code size)
  • could be launched as a popup window or used as a textarea
  • support copy, cut-n-paste, undo, redo, search and select-all
  • buttons and combo boxes are configured using external XML file (java/config/buttons.xml)
  • support custom buttons and custom selection boxes to add custom tags or execute predefined actions
  • strings could be localized using external TMX file (java/config/tmx.xml)
  • all x/HTML tags and relative attributes are defined using external XML files (java/config/tags.xml, attributes.xml, categories.xml, status.xml)
  • support help tooltips (popup descriptions that appear when mouse pointer is over the button)

For more information consult the Setup page, try the Online Demo.

Source Code and Documentation

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[Description] [Features] [Setup] [Online Demo] [Download JXHTMLedit from Sourceforge]

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